U.N. Squadron

Here we have a U.N. Squadron run for the SNES. I really do not like this run now that I have re-watched it a couple of times. There is alot of things I could do better one of which would be not to get hit so damn much.

Other then that it is still a good practice one and I will be re running this at a later date.


Megaman X

Alrighty, so this is a Megaman X run Maize-ie and I did around 5 months ago.

One of the best runs we have had but there is still room for improvement.



This is a Skyblazer run completed by Maize-ie and I about a year ago. It could have been alot smoother as transitions of the controller was slow lead to some slow level beginnings

Overall a decent run with room for improvement sometime in the future.  The glitch used to fly up the wall was obtained from the skyblazer run on speed demo archive


The SNES section is now alive!

Here you will find a list of all SNES runs a good friend of mine Maize-ie and I have done

We mainly stick to the realm of SNES as this is our favorite console of all time and the games on it where just so beast.