About the Project section

This section of the blog will feature all the physical projects built by Mark Tate ( and myself.

I modify and write all programming that goes into our project while Mark does the design of the finished product.


So the way this section of the blog will work is I will be posting about all the software aspects of a project while linking over to Marks site for anyone interested in the hardware.

We decided to do things this way to keep our sites content oriented.


This should not make anything in this section to hard to follow,


Enjoy, Kriogenic.

The awesomeness of Arduino!

Arduino is absolutely amazing. I can never seem to run out of potential uses for one of them.

For those who do not know about the Arduino here is a small summary from their website.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It’s an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board.

Arduino can be used to develop interactive objects, taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors, and controlling a variety of lights, motors, and other physical outputs. Arduino projects can be stand-alone, or they can communicate with software running on your computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP.) The boards can be assembled by hand or purchased preassembled; the open-source IDE can be downloaded for free.

The Arduino programming language is an implementation of Wiring, a similar physical computing platform, which is based on the Processing multimedia programming environment.


My Arduino Projects.

I have been using different types of Arduino products for years now and love every one of their micro controllers.

Some projects in which I have used an Arduino include:

  1. Ball Mill (Used to control a stepper motor)
  2. 8x8x8 LED Cube (Fully programmed 3D snake on a cube of LEDs)
  3. Remote Control Car (Built from the ground up. Remote and Car using two separate Arduinos
  4. Quadcopter (I am using MultiWii which in turn is run on the arduino bootloader)

In all of these projects the Arduinos are doing very different things which shows the large scope of projects it is ideal for.