Sir Snipes-A-Lot

Week #3

Spent a little bit of time in unity messing with some settings and moving the scene around testing a few things out. Started to re-write the recoil and gunsway code so they are a lot neater and have the feel that I want from them. I also implemented second type of bullet which will be used as a distraction mechanism in the game.

Some art assets have been imported and placed in the scene and its starting to look like an actual game now, I don’t think it will be very long now until we reach the next stage of development.

Week #2

Here we are at the end of week #2 and everything is still on track. I have implemented the overlay so there is actually a reticle when you zoom in. A script has been created which will trigger events on collision with certain objects, It also outputs a debug message on the HUD specified in the inspector. I also cleaned up all our current code and did a restructure of our project files.

Also spent some time preparing for the pitch, at this point I want this game to pass but I still think our rejected ‘backup’ game was a much better concept.

Week #1

First week of development on Sir Snipes-A-Lot and the project is moving forward pretty smoothly. I have implemented the gun and its controls, including looking around, recoil, weapon sway, bullet firing and recoil. All of these have been done to a prototype level and need some modification but overall work pretty well.

Our teams other programmer Dieter has done a lot of work on implementing the AI using an asset named RAIN AI. He also ported over two scripts he has from previous projects one is used to simulate a day\night cycle and the other is a CCTV camera script so the player can see inside the building.